Built In Accents Add Beauty To Your Wood Floors

A beautiful expanse of wood flooring from a company like Flooring Gallery gives a room a rich glow, but it can seem rather plain on its own. Creatively using inlays, medallions and other accent pieces adds a finishing touch to your wood floors so you won't be tempted to cover it with a rug.


Wood medallions made to match your existing flooring provide a central focal point. Use them in a large foyer, the kitchen, or as a central focus in a living room seating area. Whether you crave the stately elegance of a compass rose, creative knot work, or an actual image of a rose or sunburst, medallions are available to match almost any room's design.

Don't limit medallions to the center of the room, use them as corner accents or to create a pattern down a walkway. You aren't limited to round medallions—square and rectangular designs are also available. Medallions are made to order to ensure they match your flooring and meet your design specifications.

Inlays and Mosaics

A well-executed inlay adds wow factor to the wood floor. Whether you keep it simple with a contrasting border, or go extreme with complicated knotwork, an inlay provides more visual interest than an expanse of plain wood flooring.

You can make the entire floor an inlay design. This is reminiscent of a tile mosaic, only the design is executed completely in wood of varying colors. Floral, nautical, or checkerboard designs are just a few of the possibilities.

Faux Accents

If your existing wood floors need a visual punch up, but the labor and cost involved leave you hesitant about inlays and medallions, use creative floor staining to get the look you want. When staining and refinishing the design, your contractor or designer uses stencils to stain the flooring in different but complementary colors to create the faux inlay design. Once finished, the design looks similar to an inlay.

Floor Accent Tips:

Inlays, medallions and faux accents require the same care as your wood floor:

  • Avoid wet mopping because it can cause the wood to swell.
  • Use cleaning products formulated for wood flooring.
  • Don't use bleach or cleaning products formulated for non-wood surfaces.
  • Wipe up spilled liquids promptly and dust mop daily to prevent grit damage.
  • Buff, don't wax, a waxed wood floor to bring back its shine.
  • Use rugs or felt pads under furniture legs.

Accents add beauty without the need for additional maintenance, so your beautiful new floors can last a lifetime.