6 Tips To Improve Garage Door Safety

While garage doors are present on millions of homes across the United States, every year there are accidents that lead to serious injury and even death. However, there is much you can do to make sure your garage door is safer for both you and your loved ones. Here are 6 safety tips to keep in mind when it comes to your garage door.

Test Your Sensors

Any garage door you purchase should now come with sensors that can detect if someone is moving under the door, leading the garage door to retract to avoid injury. You should place a board or bin near the door sensor, and test to see if it's working once every month or so. If the sensors aren't working, it could be a broken sensor, faulty wiring or a different issue that a garage door repair specialist should look at.

Your Garage Door Opener

Kids like to press buttons and play where they shouldn't. That's why you should keep your garage door opener in a safe place, preferably in an area that requires a key to access.

Emergency Release

Most garage doors should feature an emergency release for situations such as when someone is trapped under the door. If you're getting a new garage door installed, ask your contractor for a garage door with an emergency release and how to operate it. If you already have a garage door, your owner's guide should provide information about where to find and how to use this emergency feature.

Have Your Garage Door Repaired

If your garage door is not operating properly or you have any doubts about the strength or integrity of certain parts, you should contact a garage door repair specialist as soon as possible. Also remember that there are parts of your garage door that are very dangerous to attempt to touch or repair due to the extreme tension they're under. Springs, cables and spring anchor plating are just a few garage door parts you don't want to go near, as they can cause extreme injury.

Beware of Pinch Points

The rolling sections of a garage door actually pose a risk of injury that many aren't aware of. Essentially, as a garage door is moving, the spaces between each section can catch the skin or a finger, and then close shut on that portion of your body. Never let kids near a moving garage door and be aware that you can install garage doors that have pinch protection features.

Explain the Dangers to Kids

Let children know that that garage door is not to play with, and can cause serious injury. Although it may seem obvious to you, kids don't always demonstrate the best judgment.

If you keep your garage in good working condition and follow a few of these tips, it may lead to improved garage door safety. Speaking to a garage door installation and repair specialist like All Seasons Garage Door should also provide more insight about what you can do to improve safety even further.