You Probably Didn't Know You Could Find These 4 Types Of Products At Hardware Stores

While hardware stores are the go-to destination when it comes to conventional building supplies like lumber, drywall, and miscellaneous tools, many offer product lines that might surprise you. In addition to selling paint, nuts, and bolts, many hardware stores also offer kitchen items like crock pots and canning supplies, as well as party supplies like folding tables and chairs. This list details some of the many things you probably didn't know were available at your local hardware store.

Kitchen Supplies

Many hardware stores, such as Daddario Hardware, offer their customers a diverse line of kitchen-related items. These can include everything from manual and mechanical jar openers, to food presses. You can also find items like jelly and jam strainers, pressure cookers, and even empty jars and lids for making and storing your own culinary creations. The next time you plan a family barbecue or small get-together, a hardware store might be the one-stop shop you need to get everything you need. 

Indoor & Outdoor Furniture

Other items you can often find at hardware stores are things like folding chairs and tables. In fact, hardware stores often carry a variety of indoor and outdoor furniture, including tray tables, mini espresso taverns and conventional coffee tables. Furnishings like end tables and dining room stools are also offered at, or can at least be ordered through, hardware stores. Small cubical organizers and miniature bookshelves are also among the inventory at larger hardware stores, as are things like inflatable air mattresses.

Beauty & Personal Care Products

Yet another offering in the product line of many hardware stores is the personal care and beauty category. These products include things like mounted and portable first aid kits, hair care products like electric shavers and blow dryers, and even things like pillows, back scratchers and other massaging tools. As well, hardware stores often carry personal hygiene products such as lotions and hand soaps, and even toothbrushes. Other products in this category include over-the-counter medications like aspirin and antacids. 

Pet Supplies

Perhaps the most surprising product offerings in hardware stores are their pet supplies. Many hardware stores are now beginning to carry pet related merchandise such as dog and cat foods, leashes and collars, and even toys. You might also find canine and feline related grooming products like brushes and shampoos, as well as odor eliminators. In all, many hardware stores have realized that offering pet-related merchandise is something that customers highly value.

Indeed, not all hardware stores carry all of the above products, but it is more than likely that your local hardware store will carry some, if not most, of the aforementioned items.