Caring For Mohawk Wood Flooring

Traditional wood flooring can be beautiful but difficult to care for, leaving it out of the question for many families. If you've decided you love the look of hardwood floors but don't want all the work involved, you need to consider Mohawk wood floors. Mohawk adds a special finish to their floor boards to repel dirt and stains, but you must take care not to damage the finish.

Take care of this protective coating and your hardwood floor will look fresh and new for years.


Sweep your Mohawk flooring every day to remove small bits of soil. Food crumbs can release grease that will soak into the finish and damage it. If you have small children, you've probably got small toys scattered over your floors. The sharp edges of some toys can scratch the protective finish on your floors, so keep the toys picked up every day.


Dropping a bottle of nail polish on any other floor would be a nightmare, but if you wipe it up right away, it's no problem on this floor. Polish, paint, kitchen grease, and any other liquid will remain on top of the protective finish, easily wiped up if you clean it before it dries.

Other Dirt and Spills

Of course your floor's not going to stay clean forever. If you've got a dried stain or other kinds of dirt that won't sweep up, use the dedicated Mohawk cleaning kit. This set includes a mop and mop handle, dry floor cloths, wet floor cloths, a special floor cleaning chemical, and an instruction book. The kit is specially designed to take care of any mess your floor may have.


Your Mohawk hardwood floor may be just what your room needs, but a surprising number of situations and objects can ruin that beauty in a matter of minutes. Some of the things to avoid are:

  • Don't place hardwood furniture on the floor without protective felt discs on the feet
  • Don't allow dogs with long nails to run on the floor. Your fuzzy family member may be loveable, but those claws can ruin the finish in one pass through the room
  • Don't allow children to play with hard toys such as small model cars or building blocks on the floor. Keep rugs or special play cloths on hand, or make a habit of spreading out an old blanket as a play surface
  • Don't use a wet mop to clean your floor. This will raise the grain in the wood and damage the finish permanently