Small Rooms: How To Make The Most Of Available Space In Your Child's Bedroom

Decorating a child's bedroom can be challenging if you don't have a lot of square footage to work with. But these tips can ensure that his or her room will be functional and attractive while making efficient use of available space.

Look up

Shelving that's off the floor is easy to find and buy, and it doesn't take up any floor space. A floating shelf is a good way to store books, stuffed animals, treasured objects and more. Some shelves even come equipped with built-in drawers for your child to tuck school papers or artwork into. Decorative wicker baskets or buckets can also be hung on the wall with hooks or rods to add more space. Pegs or hooks can hold backpacks, jackets or baseball caps so they're easily accessible.

Make the most of corners

A corner can be the perfect place in which to tuck a small desk, shelf or curved bookshelf. Without anything jutting into the room or too far into another wall, corner furniture utilizes areas that are often overlooked. Some desks can even fold up when not in use, making even more efficient use of the space.

Some children's beds and chairs are also made specifically for corners. They don't tuck right into and curve around the corner, but they have an extra padded side designed to fit into a corner.

Loft beds are popular, functional

Kids love loft beds, and they're a great way to get a relatively large and necessary item off the floor. Many beds have built-in stairs and shelves, a desk or drawers built into the lower part of the loft. Underneath the loft can also be used for extra seating. If you're using it for storage, you might want to consider hiding it from view with a curtain.

Choose items that do double-duty

If an item can be used for more than one purpose, you can really make the most of your child's space.

A daybed, for example, can be used as seating during the day and sleeping at night. Many have built-in storage underneath. An ottoman can be used for seating or storage. Some beanbag chairs are designed to zip open for space to store your child's stuffed animals.

Don't forget the closet

The closet can be used for much more than just clothes and miscellaneous storage. Take the door off and replace it with a rod and curtain to save some space if the door swings out. Inside, you can put a desk or shelves that help make the most of the space.

To free up extra space and still have room for clothing, install an extra clothes rod about halfway down the closet wall. Children's clothes don't usually need much vertical space, so there's plenty of room for another rod below an existing one. You may also have room in the closet for a chest of drawers.

For more ideas on how to best utilize the space in your child's room, visit a children's furniture store, like Baby Furniture Warehouse Store. Look for items specifically designed for extra storage, to fit into corners or to serve a dual purpose. The staff can help you find these and suggest additional space-saving furniture.