Reasons To Invest In A Commercial Vacuum For Your Home

Many self-employed house cleaners and small cleaning businesses invest in commercial vacuums because they know the benefits outweigh the extra cost. Purchasing this type of vacuum is a smart idea for many consumers that desire the best product to clean their carpets thoroughly. It can also save you time and frustration.  

Commercial Vacuums Excavate Better

Commercial vacuum motors are heavy-duty and have the capacity to remove challenging dirt, dust, sand and even small rocks. This means you can thoroughly clean the area with just one pass, instead of having to go over the area four or five times to remove the debris. If your family is large, you live in a rural area, or you have several pets there may be more soil that enters your home than in most houses. This makes the commercial vacuum more economical for your needs and cuts down on how often you have to have the carpeting professionally cleaned.

Convenient to Use

Many commercial vacuums have a wider sweep than those intended for household use. This means that the person cleaning the carpeting doesn't have to make as many passes to cover the area well. When your home has many carpeted rooms, this saves you time.

Regular vacuums tend to have shorter cords than commercial vacuums. This causes the person to unplug it from the wall socket and plug it in elsewhere as he or she moves from room to room. If a room is quite large, the individual may even have to plug it in elsewhere to cover the larger space. The commercial vacuums often have cords that reach from 28 to 50 feet. This saves you time and aggravation because you can clean one or two rooms and a hallway before having to find a new electrical outlet.


Commercial vacuums are intended for daily use and large areas, such as hotels, restaurants, churches and industries. Even in a bustling household with many occupants, you are unlikely to use the appliance more than two or three times a week, therefore it is likely to last much longer than a standard vacuum.

Where to Buy Commercial Vacuums

Visit a household appliance store such as Sweeper World to buy a commercial vacuum for your home. Although your initial investment may cost you a bit more, over time you will save money by not having to buy a new vacuum every few years. And in the meantime, your housecleaning will never be easier!