How To Deter Home Robbery

Purchasing an electronic security system for your home seems like a great idea to avoid burglary, but it is not always attainable. The price of installation and monthly fees may be out of reach for some homeowners. There are many ways that you can increase the security measures you take in trying to keep your home safe from intruders. Here is a summary of some of the steps you can take without spending a ton of cash.

Keep Your Yard Neat

The first step in deterring robbers is to take away areas where they can lurk and hide. If you keep your property neat with trimmed landscaping, the thief would be spotted easier than if you have a yard full of overgrown brush and trees.

Key Hiding

Many people keep a spare key outside if they forget or lose their regular key. This is great for avoiding the use of a locksmith service, but it is also great for the robber that knows to look under the large stone or in the plant near your front porch. These are not good hiding places. Use a combination lock box that can be easily hidden under a fence rail or underneath the mailbox. If found, the crook will need to take it home to try and saw it open. This is not worth the time for many thieves, and if by chance the thief did steal it, when you realize the box is gone, you can quickly replace the locks to your home. 

Cameras and Signs

Hang a few fake surveillance cameras around your home to deter robbery. You can also use a home security system sign or sticker in your window. The burglar won't know if it is true or not and won't be as willing to risk breaking and entering.

Vacation Tips

Purchase a light timer for both indoor and outdoor lights. Program the timer so that different lights go on at different times during the week. Be unpredictable! Also, have a trusted neighbor take your mail and check your home for fliers everyday. You do not want paperwork giving your absence away. Do not post your vacation plans on social media sites. This is just announcing that you have a home to steal from.

When Leaving Your Home

Always wave at your home when you leave. If anyone is watching from afar, they will think that there is someone still inside your home. This may seem silly, but it will work in keeping trouble away. For more information, contact Top Security Locksmiths or a similar company.