8 Furniture Fixes To Have Professionally Done

Do you have a "well loved" piece of furniture that looks like it's seen better days? If you're considering fixing up the piece yourself, here are some situations a professional should handle instead:

1. Complex reupholstery: Changing a cushion on a chair can be easy, but redoing an entire sofa or loveseat is best done by professionals. It is even more important to call in outside help if your piece is older or is stuffed with hard-to-find fillings, such as a horsehair filled chaise or an antique feather-stuffed easy chair. 

2. Detailed carvings or applied filigree: Refinishing furniture filled with nooks and crannies can be a challenging job. A professional can make sure not to miss any of the intricate areas, while avoiding damage to delicate carvings. 

3. Closely set spindles or slats: Stripping off the paint could require special equipment such as a power washer or paint sprayer filled with paint remover. It's very difficult for an amateur to remove and repaint items with these features and have the item look good. 

4. Wobbly furniture: Rickety furniture, if not glued together properly, could result in the entire piece coming apart unexpectedly. An expert can take everything apart, install new "biscuits" or dowels, then use clamps and glue to make your piece as safe as it was originally. 

5. Paint removal: Antique or heirloom furniture may have finishes or paint that can not be treated with modern paint-removing methods. Consult with an expert to see how they would restore the piece, especially if you plan on passing it down to future generations. A professionally done job should be able to restore the beauty of the antique, potentially restoring much of its resale value.

6. Laminate refinishing: Vintage laminate or particle board is usually difficult for an amateur to refinish. Many people choose to discard such pieces and buy another piece. However, if you have sentimental feelings about it, then a professional can make it pretty again. They know how to sand it without causing the layers to shred. Then they can treat it with commercial quality primer, paint it and apply wax.

7. Reproducing a piece: If you have a favorite nightstand in need of an "identical twin," a professional can create one from scratch. They'll take precise measurements, create the paint or stain that's an exact match and create a piece that looks so much like the first one that you'll be hard pressed to tell the two apart.  

8. Significant damage: Maybe your German shepherd puppy chewed a leg on your dining room table. Or perhaps your home was flooded due to a torrential rain storm, and got the feet of your living room furniture all soggy and waterlogged. A professional can restore or replace the damaged areas, leaving your furniture looking as good as new.

If you're interested in having your furniture professionally upholstered, contact a local business like Granddad's Refinishing, LLC, and save the DIY effort for something simpler.