Four Sun-Tolerant Fern Varieties For Your Landscape

Do you love the lacy fronds of ferns, but avoid planting them because you think they won't do well in your sunny yard? Although ferns are known for their love of shade, there are varieties that will tolerate sunlight. Here's a look at four attractive fern varieties that will grow well in partial sunlight.

Ostrich Ferns

Ostrich ferns are known for their large, upright fronds which resemble ostrich feathers. They are very quick-growing, and a few ferns will turn into many within just a few short growing seasons. Although ostrich ferns are most productive in wet, shady environments, they will do alright in sunlight as long as water is available. They're a popular choice for planting along the edges of ponds.

Southern Woodferns

This light green fern is known for its upright fronds. It is tolerant of sunlight and hot temperatures, although it will grow best in at least partial shade. Southern woodferns prefer heavy, wet soils. They can reach 4 feet in height and are also very wide, making them a good choice for ground cover.

Bracken Fern

If you're looking for a tall, breathtaking fern, the bracken fern is a great choice. Tolerant of full sunlight and lack of rainfall, it's a very versatile and hardy species that can reach up to 3 feet in height. Bracken ferns send rhizomes under the ground, and new ferns grow from these rhizomes. This makes bracken ferns a good choice for garden beds that you want to have a full look. A couple of bracken ferns will multiply and fill the bed with their bright green fronds in just a season or two.

Cinnamon Ferns

For a departure from the classic green fern, try planting some cinnamon ferns in your backyard. These ferns have two kinds of fronds -- the classic green ones, and smaller cinnamon-colored ones. This large fern variety can reach up to 6 feet in height when conditions are ideal, but if you plant cinnamon ferns in direct sunlight, you can expect them to stay smaller. They will do best if they have a nearby source of moisture, such as a pond or ditch.

Just because your backyard is sunny does not mean you cannot have ferns. The varieties above will tolerate at least partial sunlight, as long as the soil does not become too dry for too long. If you do plant ferns in the sunlight, watering them on the hottest, driest days will help them thrive. Contact a company like CNC Lawn Care, Inc for more information about landscaping.