Make Your Transition To RV Living A Smooth One

There are countless reasons that people move into recreational vehicles. Sometimes it's because maintaining a large home has become too expensive, while other times people just want to simplify their lives or they want to travel. Whatever the reason, there are some steps you can take to make your transition an easier one. One thing that may be a challenge is getting to know people. Another common problem is a lack of space.

Get To Know Your Neighbors – Have you left old friends? If so, you might be feeling lonely for people and places that were formerly a part of your life. 

  • Usually, living in an RV park means that you'll be in close proximity to others. There will in all likelihood be a main office where notices are posted. If this is the case, check to see when there will be socials, special events, or other meetings, and join in. 
  • Consider taking a walk each day, and you might meet others as your walk up and down the paths. If you include your dog on your walk, you may meet other dog lovers who will strike up a conversation with you. If they don't, then stop and introduce yourselves.
  • Another idea is to host a social at your place with simple refreshments. Just put the word out that you'll be having treats and would love company, and you will probably have a house full of new friends.

Decorate With A Different Eye – Even though new recreational vehicles have been designed beautifully, there is still the very real problem of where to put your belongings.

  • Keep Less. Where you used to have several sets of sheets, towels, place mats, and napkins, now you probably only need two sets. The second set can be tucked away, as one set will actually suffice. The same goes for tableware. Of course, you'll need enough for those of you who will be living in the RV, but have just a few extras that you can dig out for company. 
  • Make every inch count. You can even store your dishes and other tableware in the dishwasher. If you have attractive pots and pans, just make them part of the decor by leaving them on the burners. Make careful grocery lists, and keep extra non-perishable items in hard-to-get-to areas, as you won't need to pull them out very often.
  • Rent a storage space. It may be very hard to part with collectibles, framed paintings, and photographs that are dear to you. You don't have to! Consider storing them in a facility, such as Palmisano Ralph Movers, where you can get them any time you want to. When you want to give the RV a different look for the holidays, you will have access to all of your decorations. Another idea is to change regular decor around a lot, thus getting to still use your pretty things all year round. Keeping your belongings in a storage facility is safe and inexpensive. Many storage units are climate controlled and totally safe, too. Don't forget to carefully mark all storage boxes so you can identify them easily.

Congratulations on your new RV and on your new life!