Important Elements Of Industrial Interior Decorating

Decorating a home allows a person to use his or her interests, creativity, and ideas to make the house a home. There are many ways to decorate, but many people are not trying to decorate with an industrial look. Industrial interior decorating is very unique, and here are some of the features of it.

Exposed Pipes and Ducts

One of the features of industrial design that sets it apart from other types is the exposure of pipes and ductwork. With this particular type of decorating and design, it is important to be able to see the internal parts of the home's systems. If you are building your house, you can create this type of look by having the contractors put the pipes inside the rooms, instead of inside the walls.


An interior brick wall is another feature common to industrial design. A brick wall has the appearance of an exterior wall, and this is another feature you may want to incorporate into your home as you are building it.

If your home is already built and you are trying to achieve this type of decorating, you can have a brick wall installed by a mason. While this option can be expensive, a cheaper option might be to purchase paneling that looks like brick. This may not give the exact same feel and look, but it will be similar.


For a home that is already built, trying to incorporate an industrial look can be achieved even if the home doesn't have pipes exposed or brick walls, and one option for this is with copper decorations. Copper is a great material for industrial design, and you can incorporate this into your home with these tips:

  • Purchase a copper hanging pot holder – If you have room in your kitchen for this, you could hang it from above your island. Another option is to purchase a copper pot holder that you can place on your wall near your stove.
  • Choose decorations made of copper – If you shop at a home decor store, you will find hundreds of different decorations made of copper. This can include candle holders, picture frames, and wall art.


As you look for ways to create an industrial appearance in your home, make sure you shop around at several stores that sell home decorations. With industrial decorating, you will need to incorporate decorations that look:

  • Rough
  • Raw or unfinished
  • Bare
  • Made of metal
  • Neutral colors of nature

Using salvaged or recycled items is also a great option for this particular style of decorating. If you shop online at a home decor store, you may notice a category for industrial design. This is the perfect category to look at, and you will end up finding hundreds of great items that fit your theme. You can also go for a more rustic industrial theme, with cabin or farmhouse decor.