DIY Living Room Upgrade — Five Quick Projects

Having a beautiful living room doesn't have to be expensive or labor intensive. If your living room is due for an upgrade, you can re-purpose furniture you already have and update decor. Here are five DIY projects that can easily reflect your personal style and decor.

1. Frameable Artwork By You

Fashionable artwork doesn't need to break the bank. It's even more fun if you can showcase things you have made yourself! Silhouettes of you, family members or even pets are a clever look and easy to make. The first stop is to photocopy blown up photos and cut out the silhouettes. Trace on to black paper or fabric to cut out, and mount onto a white background. Cheap frames from secondhand stores can adorn your new artwork.

2. Bring The Outdoors Inside

Who says patio furniture and supplies have to stay outside? Picnic benches can easily be turned into finished entertainment benches with a coat of varnish. Crates make for shabby chic coffee tables, and step ladders and can make instant bookshelves or knickknack displays. A good clean, and coat of paint can turn outside items into indoor furniture in a snap.

3. Quick Refresh Of Pillow Scheme

New pillow covers is an easy way to bring together new color schemes in your home. Even better — no-sew throw pillows can be made from old fabric or scarves. The fabric should be large enough to fold around the pillow in all directions. Take an existing pillow and begin wrapping it like a present with the fabric. Folding over the two sides, take in the folded edges to tie in a knot in the center, tucking in the edges. Voilà — new pillows!

4. Coffee Table Upgrade

If you have a sturdy coffee table that just needs an upgrade, you can repaint or sand down. For painting, try to utilize old paint or spray paint you have around that matches your decor. For a shabby chic update, get some sand paper (and elbow grease!) and sand down to a worn, cozy look.

5. Lighten Up Without New Lamps

If you need more ambient lighting, or are tired of your current end table lamps, there are options right under your fingertips. Pull out those Christmas light strings and large clear vases. Bunch up the lights to form a unified glow within the vase, and place wherever accents are needed in your living room.

By working with what you already have, you'll find you can upgrade many items in your home and make your look fresh and updated in no time. A combination of updated furniture from Town and Country Furniture and accents will make your living room look like an entire new space on while sticking to your budget.