Choosing A Floor: Five Reasons To Go Vinyl

Vinyl will not shrink or lose its shape like some natural products such as wood or curl like laminate. Since it can be manufactured to replicate the look of slate, timber, limestone, etc., you can achieve the look you desire for less money, with increased durability

Vinyl flooring can be purchased in tiles or sheets, giving you the ability to customize your floor's appearance. Use tiles in your entryway to mimic the look of slate and sheets in your kitchen to give the look of timber planks. 

Five Benefits of Vinyl Floors: 

Help Reduce Allergies

Vinyl flooring does not trap and hold dust mites or other allergens, making it the perfect choice for individuals who suffer from seasonal allergies, asthma, or other upper respiratory issues. It can be easily cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals and does not require polishing. A quick sweep and damp mop, and you are done.   

Softer on the Feet and Legs

Vinyl flooring is backed by a thin layer of foam or felt, meaning that there is a cushion membrane between the subfloor and the portion you stand upon. If you spend a lot of time on your feet, in the kitchen or other areas of your home, this backing can help reduce the stress standing can cause to your body. 

Stands up to Pets (and Children)

Vinyl flooring's durability makes it the perfect choice for homes with both four and two legged critters. Its soft backing combined with textured surfaces will allow your pet easy foothold and comfortable resting spots. Parents of young children will appreciate the ease of cleaning, and liquid and stain resistant style. 

Installation over Existing Floors

Vinyl flooring is the perfect answer for those who are looking to reduce the time it takes to achieve that "finished" look. It can be installed over existing laminate and tile floors, reducing the amount of work needed for installation. 

Luxury without the High Price Tag 

If you are looking for durable but versatile high-end product, look no further than luxury vinyl tile through a company like Attractive Floorings Carpet One Floor & Home. Usually found in commercial settings, LVT is now making its way into homes, offering even more options to homeowners looking for that designer look without the designer price tag. Take a closer look at the flooring in your favorite coffee shop or library-- chances are, it is LVT.

When choosing flooring, remember to give Vinyl a chance. It has come a long way from your Grandma's day, and can create the look you crave without breaking the bank.