Get Mentally Prepared For Your Remodeling Project

Homeowners commonly underestimate how inconvenient a remodeling project will be. The more extensive the job and the more it affects the most-used areas of the house, the worse the aggravation factor can be. If you're having the basement finished, that may not be a big problem. But a project that involves kitchen and dining areas, bathrooms and main living space can drive everyone crazy. Get mentally prepared ahead of time and plan how you'll deal with the inconvenience. 

Hold a Family Meeting

Get everyone together and make a list of all the things the house residents will have to deal with during the remodeling project. Then brainstorm for good ways to handle these inconveniences. There likely will be:

Less Privacy Than Usual

The contractor and crew may be in the house from early morning through late afternoon -- or even early evening hours. Each person must remember this means a lack of the usual privacy. For instance, everyone should be adequately dressed when coming out of the bedroom or when leaving the bathroom after showering. It's probably a good idea not to leave dirty underwear lying out in the open. 

Noises, Odors & Dust

Remodeling contractors use power tools and hammers, apply paint and glue, rip up flooring and tear off wallpaper. There will likely be many times throughout the project when it's virtually impossible to watch TV, concentrate on reading or do meal preparation.

Everyone needs a plan of action for how they'll deal with these situations. Options might include spending some time at a friend's house, the library, the mall or a coffee shop. 

Electricity & Water Shut-Offs

Ask the contractor to always tell you the day beforehand if he or she needs to shut off the water for an hour or longer. Then you can buy some bottled water or fill up some gallon jugs of tap water, and everyone can finish up their bathing in time. 

If the crew needs to turn off the power in certain rooms for a while, make sure you're ready to go without lights, the coffeepot and microwave, and electronics, such as TV sets and desktop computers during this time. 

Rooms You Can't Use

If the remodeling project is extensive, there will be times you essentially can't use certain rooms. For instance, the crew may remove most of the kitchen features and start replacing them. Plan your meals ahead of time and eat in the living room, on the deck or patio, or at a restaurant. 

Look Forward to the Completed Changes!

Keep your eyes on the prize -- fantastic new features in your home that will increase everyone's satisfaction. That will make the temporary annoyances less aggravating.