Black And White: Go Bold With Your Kitchen Remodel

So, it's time to update your kitchen. How about a break from beige? Go bold in your remodel with black and white—a clean, attractive backdrop for cooking, dining, and entertaining.

Paint Cabinets White

White cabinets are the foundation of the bold kitchen. If your kitchen features a lot of cabinetry, break up the all-white with glass fronts. Use these cabinets to display your most beautiful china, which has the added bonus of adding drama with color and pattern. Another option for breaking up the all-white cabinet space is with black handles, which gives the kitchen a very chic appeal.

Select Granite Countertops

Granite comes in several different colors. For the bold kitchen, select either white-based granite with veins of black and gray or dramatic all-black. The white granite works well in an airy kitchen with a vivid backsplash. Black-based granite gives the kitchen a more modern feel. Granite countertops have the added bonus that they don't scratch or burn, according to Home and Garden TV. They typically come in a variety of finishes, any of which are attractive in the bold kitchen:

  • Polished: Smooth, draws out the color, easy to clean
  • Leather: Textured, highlights the color, disguises streaks and crumbs
  • Honed: Smooth (but not as shiny as polished), cuts down on glare

Choose Chrome Appliances

With all the white cabinetry, white appliances are too monochromatic. Instead, keep the kitchen looking clean and modern with stainless steel appliances and chrome fixtures. These high-gloss surfaces reflect light and the beauty of your granite countertops. Additionally, stainless steel and chrome are timeless, meaning they'll look stylish for years to come.

Add Design in the Backsplash

The amount of backsplash you choose depends on the size of your kitchen. A large kitchen benefits from more backsplash area, while a smaller kitchen requires just a simple square behind the stove. Use the backsplash to pull the cabinets and countertops together. An attractive option is installing tiles that echo the shades in the granite countertops. Conversely, add real drama with all black tiles grouted with white.

Get Creative with Accessories

The stage is set with your black and white backdrop, so any colors you add to your kitchen will pop. To keep the overall look modern, choose just one or two colors to add. For instance, place a red or yellow bowl on the countertop, and hang a same-colored tea towel from the oven door. Alternatively, place a green plant in an azure pot, and echo those colors in your choice of kitchen accessories. Bar stools, light fixtures, canisters, and chinaware are other places in which you can add color.

Create a bold backdrop in your kitchen with black and white. Paint cabinets white, and add drama with granite countertops, such as from Artisan Granite & Marble, and a matching backsplash. Finish the look with accessories in complementary colors. This vivid kitchen serves as the center point for dining and even entertaining.