Learn How To Easily Repair Damage To Your Wood Furniture

Wood furniture can be beautiful, but the second it is scratched or dented, the damage is obvious and immediately takes away from the overall look of the piece. If you have a piece of furniture that has some minor damage that needs to be repaired, the following guide could be the perfect solution for you. These simple tips can be completed within minutes and restore the look of your furniture quickly and easily.

Water Rings

Remove water rings in minute with coconut oil. The oil looks more like a paste than oil and is available at any grocery or big box store. Rub the oil into the damage with your fingers to make it unnoticeable.


To remove small dents from a piece of wood furniture, all you need to do is wet a washcloth and fold it in half. Put the towel directly on the dented area. Turn an iron to the hottest setting possible and place it directly onto the washcloth. Move the iron around in small circular motions to apply heat to the area itself, as well as the areas closest to it. The steam will cause the small dent to rise and be less obvious.


Repairing scratches in wood furniture is quick and easy. Use a small paintbrush to brush iodine directly onto the scratches. You want to be sure that the iodine stays in the scratches as much as possible. It will darken the color of the wood within the scratch so that it matches the finish of the table so that no one can notice the scratches. Add more iodine to the area as needed, until the color of the wood in the scratch matches the finish of the table.


If there are nicks in the finish of the table, fill them in with a brown crayon. Place the crayon in the microwave for thirty seconds at a time until it melts. Use the backside of a spoon to carefully fill the nick with the wax from the crayon. Once the wax has hardened, rub coconut oil on the entire surface of the furniture to make the finish uniform.

If you find that these tips do not restore the look of your furniture, take the piece to a professional restoration expert. The restorer will remove the finish on the piece. Once the finish is removed, the piece can be refinished to any color you want easily. One company that provides this service is Complete Claim Furniture Service LLC.