Expand Your Lawn Care Arsenal for the Greenest Grass on Your Block

The standard feed, seed, and water will only get your lawn so far, and in many cases this means lush green until early July and then brown spots for the rest of the summer. Rather than have a sub-par lawn for half the season, unlocking a few hidden tools will give you a lawn that could make your favorite football team jealous. 


An aerator performs a simple, but very important function for your lawn. These machines punch through the tough, compacted soil in your yard and clear out pathways for nutrients and water to reach the roots of your lawn, where they can really do their job. Rent or buy a gas-powered aerator—it's a surprisingly affordable option for many homeowners, and this might be the single most effective weapon in your fight against brown spots and dead grass. 


Simply sprinkling your lawn with your standard lawn seed might not be doing all the good you think it's doing, as much of this seed is washed right off with a strong rain or with a standard water treatment. Instead, using an overseeder deposits seeds directly into the ground, meaning that every ounce of seed you put into the machine has a much higher chance of growing into blades of thick, green grass than those that rest on top of your yard. 

Lawn Rollers

The lawn roller is the unsung hero of lawn care. The device looks simple and resembles a steam roller, and it basically performs the same task. A lawn roller evens out the surface of your yard, getting rid of any ant or mole hills you might have in your yard. Additionally, a lawn roller will help to erase any of the damaging effects of a hard frost from last winter, making your lawn vibrant and green the first week of spring. 

All of the above tools can do wonders for your yard, but used in tandem, it's a recipe for a world-class lawn. The best part about these pieces of equipment is that all of them are available for rental from just about any home improvement store out there, and the staff will be more than willing to help you understand how to use them.

For more help with your lawn, talk to lawn care specialists in your area who can help you find solutions to various issues, depending on the type of grass you have, or the climate you live in.