4 Tips For An Extraordinary Patio

You already enjoy your patio for its functionality, maybe as an outdoor dining room, kitchen or family room. Perhaps, though, the décor feels bland or the space feels limited. Transform your patio from ordinary to extraordinary with unique design, landscaping and usage tips.

#1: Add a water feature.

Water features create serenity with their bubbling music and beautiful play of light and water. A patio water feature can be as simple as a tabletop fountain or as elaborate as a sunken pond.

Better Homes and Gardens recommends setting up a fountain with a re-circulating pump. Place such a fountain in a corner where it doesn't impede your outdoor living style but you still enjoy its beauty. For instance, position the fountain with a cluster of plants near comfortable seating for a relaxing getaway.

#2: Mix patterns and colors.

One way to alleviate the blandness of your patio is with infusions of pattern and color. The key to this design idea is sticking within a color scheme. If your patio is surrounded by different plant colors and textures, then choose an analogous color scheme, meaning the hues are next to each other on a color wheel. Otherwise, select complementary colors.

To implement this tip, start with your color scheme, and choose one or two statement pieces with a pattern showcasing these colors. For instance, use unique flower pots or bold cushions to set the stage. From there, add other outdoor furniture items, such as lanterns, accent tables and even plants that pull out one of the colors from your statement pieces.

#3: Create a private space.

Perhaps your patio feels like it puts you on display for the neighbors or even the household. Naturally, fencing or hedges shield your space. However, privacy can be created with landscaping and furniture arrangements.

Trellises and pergolas are one way to create private spaces without the permanency of fences or hedges. For instance, set up a lounge area in one corner of the patio. Install a trellis near the lounge, and plant climbers, such as wisteria, honeysuckle or even roses, to shield the area from view. Cluster other tall plants, such as snapdragons, lavender, Russian sage and monkshood in outdoor flower planters for further seclusion.

#4: Plan for versatility.

Ultimately, your patio serves as the outdoor extension of your living space. Maximize the potential of this space with versatile furniture and other space-saving techniques.

One option for keeping the space versatile is investing in décor that does double duty. For instance, instead of buying a large dining table, consider a selection of stools and accent tables dotted among the outdoor seating. Another option is to create a vertical garden, especially useful if your patio includes an outdoor kitchen.  Plant herbs and even tomatoes that climb up your wall by the food preparation area. Finally, make use of wheeled carts, cabinets or even grills so that you can transition from backyard barbecue to evening soiree without doing any heavy lifting.

Maximize your outdoor living space with patio updates that fit your lifestyle. Privacy, tranquility, beauty and ease of use convert your patio from great to extraordinary.