Two Kitchen Supplies For Someone Who Can't Cook But Needs To Throw An Awesome Dinner Party

Do you hate cooking, or have you never gotten around to learning how?  Are you finally expected to cook a meal for a dinner party, holiday or work event but can't even use your oven? Don't have the night or week ruined by anticipatory stress and dread of disaster. Avoid the self-conscious wondering if everyone is disgusted or disappointed with your meal. Invest in two kitchen supplies that will do the work for you, and make you look like a professional chef. The peace of mind and delicious results are more than worth the investment.

Food Processor

The food processor seems complicated but that is only because it is doing all of the hard work for you. It can chop a restaurant quality salad or puree a heart warming soup. The beauty of the food processor is that you can look up any soup recipe online, buy the ingredients, dump them in the food processor, press the button, and you're ready to serve dinner. For veggies and meat, you simply have to cut them into several reasonably sized pieces and let the blades of the processor do the rest. 

For pureed soups, make anything from tomato basil bisque to butternut squash soup or broccoli cheddar. For soups with chopped vegetables or meats, pulse until the desired sized is reached. After heating up your soup mixture on the stove and mixing in any added broth or liquid, you will be ready to serve an impressive soup. 

For chopped salads, pulse any toppings until slightly chopped. Apples, nuts, artichoke, asparagus, avocado, goat cheese, cranberries, cooked chicken, tomatoes, etc. will blend perfectly. Once relatively chopped, add ripped up lettuce, kale or spinach along with your dressing for a few quick pulses. Voila, salad served. If you are really trying to impress, you can dump in ingredients to effortlessly make pesto, hummus, or an assortment of dips for hors d'oeuvres.

Slow Cooker

Like the food processor, you can dump ingredients into the slow cooker, turn it on, and wait for dinner to prepare itself. No oven, no mess, no mixing required – you can basically combine an onion, piece of meat, and bottle of barbecue sauce and press the button. Chicken and fish will melt in your mouth after four hours on high, while pork and beef will pull apart with a fork after eight to ten hours on low. No matter what cuisine you are planning, any meat will be cooked perfectly with no risk of burning or overcooking.

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