Let In More Natural Light With These Window Treatments

It's no secret that natural sunlight--in the proper doses--is good for you. Specifically, natural sunlight is known to boost a person's levels of a hormone known as serotonin; this hormone boosts energy while also improving a person's mood. However, if you spend a lot of time indoors, you might not be getting enough natural sun in your life. Fortunately, by dressing your windows with sunlight-friendly window treatments, you can enjoy higher amounts of natural light in your home without sacrificing your interior design in the process. Read on to explore a few options when it comes to window treatments that let the light in.

Sheer Curtains

One wonderful option for decorating your windows while still letting in plenty of natural light is that of sheer curtains. These curtains are very thin and are often made of light materials, such as lace, silk, and polyester. Sheer curtains allow you to retain a sense of privacy in your home while also letting in plenty of light. And if you want even more privacy, you always have the option of layering regular curtains on top of sheer ones. Then, during the day, you can pull back the heavier curtain to let more light in. At night, when you desire more privacy, simply close the heavier curtain to block out an outsider's view.

Slated Blinds

Another option for decorating your windows in a manner that'll allow you to let more light in is that of slated blinds. Blinds can be made out of a variety of materials--including aluminum, vinyl, and wood--to suit your budget. The great thing about slated blinds is that they're completely adjustable in terms of positioning, so you can let in as much or as little light as you'd like with the pull of a string or the twist of a lever.

To let maximum light into your space, it's best to go with Venetian blinds, which have larger slats than mini-blinds. Another good blind option for letting light in is the vertical blind, which is ideal for sliding glass doors leading out to decks or patios and lets in plenty of light.

These are just a few options for light-friendly window treatments at your home. Be sure to assess the decor in each of your spaces to determine which type of treatment would be best. From there, you can contact professionals, such as Ken Caryl Glass, Inc., to coordinate your new treatments with your existing decor and begin enjoying more natural light in no time.