Granite And Quartz: A Side-By-Side Look At The Most Popular Countertop Choices

When considering a home upgrade, stone countertops are a great choice.  Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they are also easy to maintain and can last a lifetime.  However, the best part about stone countertops is that while they can be pricey to initially put in, they up the value of your home, making it easier to sell and at a higher price. The two most popular choices for stone countertops are granite and quartz.  While any stone can make beautiful countertops that are good for kitchen use, some stone choices are easier to maintain and have a higher resale value.  This is part of why granite and quartz are the top-sellers when it comes to stone countertops.  So how do you choose between the two?  Here is a look at both types of stone:

Granite Countertops

  • Granite is mined in large pieces to be sliced into slabs from a single rock.  This adds to the appeal, as each piece is unique with natural designs.  The only downside to this is that matching seams is very difficult, and will most likely be visible no matter how well they are installed.  
  • Granite is extremely durable.  It is heat and bacteria resistant, making it easy to keep in great shape.  It is also extremely difficult to chip or crack.  
  • It only requires minimal upkeep.  Granite is easy to clean.  You can use hot water to keep it clean, or specialized cleaner with sealant to go the extra mile.  Granite needs to be sealed before use, and resealed once a year to prevent staining.  This can be done by yourself and doesn't take much time, though you do need to allow time for it to dry completely.
  • Granite is considered a status symbol.  Granite is the original high-end countertop, and is still considered the most "prestigious" though quartz has caught up to it in popularity.

Quartz Countertops

  • Quartz is a manufactured stone, consisting of 93% crushed quartz and 7% resin.  This creates a beautiful, uniform look which also makes it easier to hide seams.
  • Quartz is even sturdier than granite, with more flexibility that makes it easier to install and pretty much impossible to crack.  Quartz is naturally non-porous, making it heat, stain, and bacteria resistant, and easy to keep in perfect shape.
  • It requires no upkeep.  Because of this non-porous nature, quartz does not stain and never needs to be sealed.  Hot water can easily clean any messes.
  • Quartz is the fastest growing contender of granite.  Because it requires no upkeep, and because of the beautiful colors and patterns available, quartz has caught up to granite in both price and popularity.

Both of these stone countertops are great upgrades for any kitchen.  Choosing which one to have contractors like Alma Granite install mostly relies on which colors and patterns will look best in each individual kitchen.  Both will up the value of your home, and are upgrades that will last for your entire life.