Create A Restful Patio Retreat

Most people will agree that today's world is one where people often feel overloaded, both emotionally and physically. Whether you are a busy homemaker, a career person, or simply a person who likes to keep a full calendar, you might truly benefit from having a retreat right at your home: your existing patio. By following these simple steps, you can create something both restful and lovely.

De-Clutter - Take some time to rid your patio of anything that is distracting in a negative way. If there are things like empty broken pots, dump them! Is your garden hose a safety hazard?  Put it in an attractive container. In other words, consider just getting rid of anything that doesn't add loveliness to your patio.

Buy The Right Furniture - Think of relaxation! You might consider rocking chairs, a hammock, an old-fashioned swing, or a comfortable hanging chair. Don't forget to buy occasional tables to hold drinks, books, or your latest novel. A small table and chairs invites quiet meals with friends and family, too. Rustic wood, wrought iron or outdoor wicker are weather resistant, easy to care for and very durable 

Add Decor - Remember to keep things simple, or you'll just have more to take care of. Decorative bird houses would be a charming addition and they require no care at all. Outdoor wall art would be another idea. If you select potted plants or hanging ones, try to choose those that will be easy to care for.

Nature's Sounds - There is something very soothing about the sounds of nature. Add a garden fountain which will not only deliver the lovely sound of trickling water, but the chirping of birds that come to bathe and to drink water. Classic wind chimes for sale are a melodic idea. If you purchase wooden chimes, nature will take care of your music every time the wind blows. You can even select musical wind chimes made of aluminum that play your favorite tunes. They are anodized and powder-coated which means they will be protected from the elements. Wind chimes are connected with polyester cording, which is also very durable and weather resistant. Even though wind chimes are not cost-prohibitive, special attention to detail makes their sound lovely, as they are each tuned by hand. Besides giving you hours of beautiful music, they add a decorative touch to your patio.

When you order your wind chimes, you can even have them inscribed with anything from a name and date to a personalized message. Consider a reminder to yourself, like, "Time is precious - Handle it with care" or "Be good to yourself." Enjoy your patio retreat!