Different Options For Securing Your Company's Information

As your company grows, your security system needs to grow with it. Unfortunately, criminals find new and creative ways for stealing proprietary information that can damage a company's profit margin. To help prevent this, you need to create a security protocol that will make it harder for anyone to steal anything from your company.

Protecting Computer Network

One area that can be very vulnerable is the network your employees use offsite to gain access to information that they need to complete their work. Having a system that relies on a password and identification login is one way to protect your internal network from outside hackers.

However, some employees may choose a password that is easy to remember, but this mistake can make it easier for a computer hacker to get into your company's internal network. To avoid this from happening, you can choose to use a key fob. This device gets the password your employees need from your security system and displays it on a small screen.

Another security feature is that the password changes at specific intervals. For example, some key fobs will change the password for the system every few minutes, so that the system stays secure even if a hacker somehow finds an old password for your system.

Limit Access to Building

Another option for protecting your company's information is to limit the amount of people who can walk into your building. Using a card access control system that requires your employees to swipe their identification badge across a card reader is a good choice.

These ID badges can have all of your employees' information stored within the magnetic strip on the back of the card. This information can be their name, job title and the locations that they can enter within your building.

You want to place these card readers throughout your building, including the main entrance and any side doors that lead into your building. Another good location for a card reader is the room that houses your company's servers. This area stores the proprietary information about your company's products, which is why it needs additional security.

Disable Computer Drivers

Unfortunately, some of the criminals you are trying to stop may also be an employee that you hired. This tactic is common for those looking to download information from a computer system that they cannot hack from the outside. To prevent them from copying your files, you need to disable the drivers for the computers inside your building.

When enabled, these drivers allow people to link small thumb drives to the computer, so they can remove information from your computers. Choosing to disable the drivers for each computer will prevent people from using one of these devices to steal information from your company.

When your company is growing, your need for additional security will rise as well. Looking into the different security options can help you choose the right methods for better protecting your company's proprietary information.