Tips on Decorating Your Garden for Evening Entertainment

Garden parties can be fun and enjoyable, but they don't have to be relegated strictly to the daytime. With some well-chosen lighting and proper consideration, evening entertaining in your garden is a great possibility. Nighttime garden parties can encompass a whole other ambiance of elegance and sophistication. Here are three things to take into consideration when decorating your garden space for just this purpose.

1. Furniture

When chosen carefully, it has the potential to tie together your garden decor. If you plan on entertaining friends or family in your garden, it's a good idea to invest in a quality set of patio furniture to ensure that everyone has adequate seating arrangements. Be sure to consider various types of materials and choose the right furniture for your space.

  • Wrought iron furniture can have and Old World charm to it. Its heavy presence means that you needn't worry about the wind toppling over your furniture. Look for patio furniture that has been treated to be water resistant if you plan to store it outdoors.
  • Consider glass-top tables for a fun and elegant look. Topped with a beautiful lantern or some votive candles, glass furniture can be an enchanting foundation for your garden decor.

2. Lighting

When decorating your garden or patio, consider your source of light. The garden can be an equally enchanting space in the evening as well as the daytime. Lighting is a key element to creating just the right ambiance. 

  • Candles are great for setting a romantic, easy-going atmosphere, but they can be impractical outdoors. Instead of freestanding candles, consider using lanterns with glass panels. Lanterns shield your candle flames from the elements, guaranteeing you long-lasting enjoyment of your mood lighting. Metal lanterns have the added bonus of being safer. Consider getting cheap lanterns online so you can buy them in bulk; you can ensure that there's enough mood lighting to go around.
  • Christmas lights aren't just for Christmas anymore. When strung along a canopy or trellis, these lights add a whimsical, festive feeling to your garden space.

3. Landscaping

If you plan on hosting many events in your garden after the sun goes down, consider choosing night-blooming plants for your garden. These botanicals will look positively enchanting under the light of the moon; they'll really enhance the ambiance of your evening.

  • Moonflowers are a great choice for late night enjoyment. This plant blooms with pale white, sweet-smelling flowers after the sun goes down, perfect for evening entertaining. This flower's luminous snowy petals will be sure to catch your guest's eyes.
  • Lighting your garden path promotes safety, just as it encourages your guests to take a stroll through your garden. LED ropes laid along the perimeter of your garden can be both beautiful and functional, allowing your guests to take in your carefully cultivated plants.

These are just a few tips for garden and patio decoration. With the right furniture, some beautiful lanterns, and botanicals well-suited to evening enjoyment, you'll be ready to throw some nighttime garden parties of your own.